Meet the classification of the electric motor of three-phase induction with cage rotor

The NBR 17094 is responsible for performing a electric motor rating Three-phase induction with cage rotor and this classification speed is rated conjugate characteristics regarding the electric motor m353835 baldor 2016 and the electric motor starting current is divided into categories: N H and D.

The electric motor is found mostly in the category N. This is because it’s used to drive normal loads such as pumps and machine tools.

Since the electric motor that belongs to H makes use of loads that require a high torque at the time of departure. This occurs in loads that have high inertia, screens and also conveyor belts.

The electric motor that falls into the category D, makes use of loads that have periodic peaks and that need high torque with limited inrush current. Category D includes electric motors that are used in elevators and eccentric presses.

Points to be considered when placing the electric motor in operation

The network service features and the design of the power cables should be taken into consideration when it comes to electric motor power.

The mains characteristics have to obey the NBR 17094, for it is that standardizes the voltages and frequencies that are used and also what is tolerated in them. The sizing of cables that feed the electric motor will be determined by the rated current, but for that you must follow the standards that have been indicated in NBR 5410.

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It is also extremely important to put an electric motor in operation that some points are analyzed and these points are: observation of engine speed and shims that are used for transportation; analysis of the connection scheme that is run and conforms to what is indicated on the identification plate, screws, nuts and connections are properly tightened.


Learn more about the stator composing the electric motor

The DC electric motor also called DC current is an engine that performs its function being assisted by direct current. The DC electric motor is composed of four parts which are: the rotor ring switch, and stator brushes.

The stator in turn, create a stationary magnetic field that is surrounding the rotor completely enclosed eletrical grade. This field arises from the permanent magnets and electromagnetic coils. Different types of dc electric motor are differentiated due to the type stator construction or the way the magnetic bearings are connected to the power supply.

Unlike other electric motors, the electric motor does not need to have a DC controller to switch the currents in electric motor bearings. On the other hand, the switching of the DC motor windings is done mechanically.